Jonas Matyassy is specialized in advertising, portrait and fashion photography. He has spent many years as an assistant photographer and studio manager in Budapest and London. He is confident in technical skills concerning photography. At Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design he broadened his visualizational knowledge. With over ten years of experience he took portraits of  actors, artists, and worked on advertising campaigns for many fashion companies. His photographs were exhibited at Ludwig Museum Budapest, Art Market Budapest, and at Institutes of Hungary in Paris, Rome and Berlin. His first solo exhibition ("We All") was installed in May-June 2013 at the National Theatre of Hungary. Same year he won the scholarship of HAESF (Hungarian American Enterprise Scholarship Fund) whereby he spent one experience year in New York and worked in the creative team of Alexander Wang. During this year he had multiple times the chance to work with such prestigious fashion experts as Karl Templer (One of the most powerful stylists in the world, Karl Templer is also creative director of Interview Magazine.), Alexander Wang (Creative director of Alexander Wang and Ex Creative Director of  Balenciaga), Alistair McKimm (Fashion Director of The Last Magazine and I-D Magazine), Richard Burbridge  (Art+Commerce photographer) and Tony Irvine (Management+Artists Stylist).


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